Delaney Buskard, Office for Sustainability Student Employee

With the wrap up the spring semester, students leave Grounds but their lightly used furniture does not. As students either depart Grounds for the summer or for the last time, they will begin to sort through all of the items that they have accumulated throughout the year.

In order to prevent most of those items from ending up in a landfill, UVA established the Hoos ReUse program. Formerly known as “Chuck it for Charity,” Hoos ReUse encompasses the same ideals: to protect the environment and to give back to the community. Running on Grounds from May 1st to 11th and off Grounds on May 20th and 21st, students had the opportunity to donate gently used clothing, furniture, and appliances, amongst other household items that could be of use for someone else.

Student intern donating supplies in the Goodwill donation drop off box fro Hoos ReUse
Example Hoos ReUse drop-off box.

With more than 25 on Grounds donation boxes or drop-off locations, situated near various residence areas, and five off Grounds locations, UVA diverted thousands of pounds from the landfills this year.

Over 52,000 lbs was collected during this year, with the three most contributing categories being the household items, clothes, and miscellaneous. Of 52,998 lbs of lightly used household items that were collected through the program, 41,880 lbs were from our on Grounds locations, while 11,118 lbs were collected from our off Grounds locations. Though our off Grounds amount was about the same as last year’s, we saw a decrease in weight of on Grounds collections. Overall, we collected just under 10,000 lbs less than we did in 2018. Although 2019 weights came in second, only to last year’s, we were still able to collect much more than in other years’ past. This shows that the program is on an upward trajectory and is still doing a great job at diverting usable items from the landfill and helping the community. Donations to the program go to various national and local charities, such as Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, Loaves and Fishes food pantry, and the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA.