Committee on Sustainability


Strategic collaboration on pan-University sustainability initiatives leverages the combined strengths of the University Committee on Sustainability with its three sub-committees, the Office for Sustainability, Environmental Resilience Institute, Student Council Sustainability Committee, Global Environments + Sustainability program, schools, units, departments, and many other related initiatives. This depth and breadth of sustainability in higher education requires a strategic, pan-University approach to governance led by a University Committee on Sustainability that is accountable to the Executive Vice President and Provost, the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, and the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs.

The Committee on Sustainability advises the Executive Vice Presidents on all matters related to the University’s commitment to sustainability and how those impact the future of the University including interrelated environmental, financial, teaching, research, and social aspects. The University Committee on Sustainability is steered by the following principles:

  • Foster the development and dissemination of sustainability knowledge through research and teaching.
  • Promote the highest standards of sustainable practice on Grounds.
  • Engage the civic and academic communities in topics associated with sustainability.
  • Focus its time, talent, and resources on initiatives and projects that will move the University toward achieving its overall sustainability goals.

The Committee has co-chairs appointed by the Executive Vice Presidents for a two-year term. The Committee members are also appointed by the EVPs and serve two-year terms. 


Megan Barnett, Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives

Colette Sheehy, Senior Vice President for Operations and State Government Relations


2022-2023 Academic Year Member List



The work of the Committee is done through three sub-committees, aligned with UVA Sustainability’s Engage, Steward, Discover approach:  Civic Engagement, Environmental Stewardship, and Teaching & Research.  Each sub-committee determines its own meeting schedule (generally monthly during the academic year) and forms required working groups, drawing on additional expertise as needed. Administrative support for the Committee on Sustainability and its subcommittees is provided by the UVA Office for Sustainability.

Students, faculty, and staff who want to find out more or get engaged should see links below or email