Energy Working Group

The Energy Working Group focuses on achieving three primary goals:

  • Outreach: Make campus users more aware of the energy they use and how their choices impact that.
  • Policy: Make a lasting change in UVA policy to improve energy use on Grounds
  • Infrastructure: Identify opportunities for energy conservation/efficiency through the use of technology on Grounds

In October of 2015, the Group hosted a Renewables Town Hall to garner support for renewables on grounds. The town hall featured two speakers, Jesse Warren Sustainability Programs Manager for the Office for Sustainability, and Paul Zmick, Senior Associate Director of Energy & Utilities. They gave an overview of UVA's energy infrastructure and the capacity for renewable energy on Grounds. Topics that were discussed included a micro-grid system, off-shore wind, roof top solar, and energy conservation. Members of the University community had the opportunity to express their concerns and ideas, while getting input from experts on the potential for renewables at UVA. This generated a productive conversation on the future of energy on Grounds.

An initial poll was conducted to survey the attendees’ preferences on actionable steps forward. (See poll results below). Then, the audience broke out into small groups to generate new ideas and delve deeper into a topic. A final poll was conducted, that combined the choices from the initial poll with the ideas generated during the break-out session, allowing everyone to vote on each other’s ideas. (See combined poll results below).

On April 8, 2016 a group of UVA students, faculty and staff will head to Richmond, VA to participate in the first annual Virginia Power Dialog. To bring this conversation to Grounds, the Energy Working Group will host a Pre-Dialog on the evening of Monday, April 4, 2016. This will be another opportunity for members of the University community to dive deeper into the future of energy on Grounds. Register to attend the Power Dialog.