Environmental Stewardship Subcommittee

The Environmental Stewardship Subcommittee (ESS), a subcommittee of the University Committee on Sustainability, promotes and enables environmental stewardship via student, staff, and faculty engagement and direct action on Grounds. There are currently 13 working groups and five task forces within the subcommittee.

Subcommittee Co-Chairs

  • Donald Sundgren, Associate Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer
  • Andrea Trimble, Sustainability Director

Get involved – working groups and task forces are open to everyone! Email sustainability@virginia.edu for more information.


  • Engage a wide range of students, staff, and faculty in sustainability discussions that advance sustainability, both within the subcommittee and across Grounds.
  • Enable students, staff, and faculty to take action by implementing stewardship projects on grounds.
  • Advance university-wide stewardship goals and strategies.


  • Implement stewardship projects within each of the working group categories.
  • Demonstrate measurable progress in each area of stewardship represented by the working groups.
  • Convene stakeholders to contribute expertise and energy to document and advance university-wide stewardship visions, goals and strategies, in support of a larger U.Va. Sustainability Plan.

Working Groups

  • Materials
    Co-Chairs: Amy Muldoon and Elizabeth Main
  • Water
    Co-Chairs: Kathy Grove and Kyle Mavity
  • Stormwater
    Co-Chairs: Dawson Garrod and Zoe Schmitt
  • Green Dining
    Chair: Samantha Jameson and Robert Mccarthy
  • Open Space
    Co-Chairs: Jennifer Heckman
  • Transportation
    Chair: Becca White
  • Energy
    Chair: Doug Livingston and Alex Wolz
  • Labs
    Chair: Andrea Trimble
  • Procurement
    Chair: Andrea Trimble and Anna Perry
  • Green IT
    Co-Chairs: Chris Smeds and Andrea Trimble
  • Nitrogen
    Chair: Jim Galloway and Elizabeth Castner
  • Health System Sustainability Committee
    Chair: Reba Camp

Task Forces

  • Zero Waste
    Chair: Nina Morris
  • Materials Signage & Graphics
    Chair: Jesse Warren
  • Waste Reduction Goal
    Co-Chairs: Andrea Trimble and Jesse Warren
  • Water Reduction Goal
    Chair: Andrea Trimble
  • Energy and Emissions Strategy
    Co-Chairs: Andrea Trimble and Jesse Warren
  • Sustainable Food Strategy
    Chair: Andrea Trimble