"Sustainability at the University of Virginia calls for ingenuity to promote the well-being of the community, solve local and global challenges through scholarship and practice, educate ethical leaders, and steward this special place."

The UVA sustainability statement, adopted in 2014, and the sustainability slogan, “From the Grounds Up” seek to provide inspiration and a call to action to advance sustainability at UVA.

UVA’s deeply held values of honor, diversity, student self-governance, and public service have fostered a strong network of sustainability programs that support individual and community engagement on Grounds and beyond. As identified in UVA’s Cornerstone Plan, collaboration is an institutional hallmark, which is reflected in our sustainability structure. We have cultivated a sustainability culture from the Grounds up, with a robust University Committee on Sustainability structure comprising dozens of working groups and task forces representing hundreds of students, staff, and faculty, an Office for Sustainability with full-time staff and dozens of student interns, over 30 sustainability-focused student groups, many sustainability-focused career development opportunities in the Career Center, multiple schools and departments integrating sustainability into their core values, and countless individuals, all dedicated to a sustainable UVA.