University of Virginia Bicentennial Sustainability Leadership Summit | October 27 – 30, 2018

Save the date! In October 2018, UVA will host a pan-University Bicentennial Sustainability Leadership Summit to showcase the breadth of UVA’s interdisciplinary work in the multi-faceted realm of sustainability, and to collaboratively envision UVA’s longer-term role as a global sustainability leader. We invite you to join fellow alumni, students, faculty, and staff to commemorate our history and to share your voice in continuing and developing next steps for UVA’s leadership role in a sustainable future. Additional information will be posted to this page as it becomes available.

Get Involved

Engage, Steward, Discover

We invite UVA schools, units, organizations and individual affiliates (staff, students, faculty, and alumni) stories and notes about how you’re involved in sustainability, as we seek to compile an understanding of the depth of UVA’s involvement in sustainability-related issues.

The core planning team currently includes the Office for Sustainability, University Committee on Sustainability, Career Center, Alumni Association, Environmental Resilience Institute, the Office of the Architect, the Global Sustainability Initiative, the School of Engineering, and the School of Architecture. Please email the Office for Sustainability with any questions or to get involved


More Information

Rooted in Thomas Jefferson’s ideals, the University of Virginia’s leadership role in environmental stewardship and broader social and economic sustainability issues has evolved and expanded over the past 200 years. UVA is at an inflection point where we have an exciting opportunity to celebrate and explore UVA’s robust history of developing sustainability leaders in interdisciplinary areas to help guide our path forward. As UVA moves into its third century, the University is poised to demonstrate immensely impactful leadership in addressing the world’s most pressing global challenges, through interdisciplinary innovation and collaboration in research, curriculum, and on-Grounds practices.

There is phenomenal sustainability-related research, coursework, and leadership at all levels occurring at UVA in nearly every area of the University, with over 130 sustainability-related courses, hundreds of faculty involved in sustainability-related research, over 30 sustainability-focused student groups and more. UVA is creating future sustainability leaders to work in the sciences, social sciences, engineering, design, and the humanities. Additionally, with an ever-increasing international focus and service-minded culture, UVA is creating future global development leaders, driving from students’ self-initiative and desire to improve the world around them.

As these student leaders graduate, UVA alumni are extending the global reach of UVA’s role in addressing the world’s most pressing environmental challenges in a wide variety of fields and in countless ways. Today’s alumni are on the frontlines of sustainable research and practice and can provide insight into tomorrow’s greatest challenges.

Additionally, the realization of the University’s new vision for several areas of Grounds presents a unique opportunity for pan-University collaborative teaching, research, and applied practice (Discover, Steward, and Engage) that leverages the combined strengths of the Environmental Resilience Institute, the Office Sustainability, and the Global Sustainability Major. Collaboration across these entities has the potential transform the critical field of sustainability research, teaching, and experiential learning, while enhancing the physical environment of the University and creating a model for future sustainable redevelopment. The Summit will be a launching point for grow networks of UVA sustainability leaders for ongoing engagement.

Support the implementation of the UVA Sustainability Plan

In 2016, UVA launched its first comprehensive sustainability plan. Building on the work of over 100 stakeholders, the plan outlines 23 goals and 101 actions to embed sustainability across UVA in areas such as energy, nitrogen, waste, water, food as well as curriculum, teaching and community engagement and equity. Your donation will help ensure UVA meets its sustainability goals and strengthen UVA’s progress towards a sustainable vision.