The U.Va. Board of Visitors approved a sustainability commitment in 2011, with an amendment in 2013 to include a nitrogen reduction goal. Much of the research necessary to measure the university’s nitrogen footprint originated at the University of Virginia, and U.Va. was the first institution of higher education to set a target to reduce its nitrogen footprint.

UVA’s first pan-university Sustainability Plan, launched in April 2016, was developed by the University Committee on Sustainability, representing over one hundred students, staff, and faculty who provided ideas and input via committees, subcommittees, task forces, and working groups. The Plan builds upon the Board of Visitors Sustainability Commitment to continue to advance sustainability in a manner closely aligned with the University’s Cornerstone Plan. The 2016-2020 UVA Sustainability Plan puts forth specific short and long term goals, with targeted actions, while ensuring flexibility to enable and ensure ongoing innovation towards achievement a of longer-term vision that strives for the vitality of our environment, health, and investments, both locally and globally.

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U.Va. Board of Visitors Sustainability Commitment

  • WHEREAS, the University of Virginia has taken a leadership role to promote sustainability,
  • WHEREAS, the University of Virginia has a long tradition of environmental stewardship guided by values that have come to be recognized as sustainability principles,