List of ways to connect on environmental justice at UVA

Students - If you are interested in both equity and the environment, there are many ways to connect on environmental justice (EJ) at UVA. Consider plugging in this spring if you haven't already.


1) The Environmental Justice Collective is a CIO that hosts great events and is building an EJ space for BIPOC students and community members. Follow them on Instagram @ejcatuva

2) In Spring 2022, Professor Kimberly Fields is teaching "Intro to Race, Class & the Environment" (AAS 2500) and Professor Sally Pusede is teaching "Air Pollution" (EVSC 4490) which focuses heavily on the themes of disproportionate impacts and environmental justice.

3) The Equity and Environment Fund, supported by the Civic Engagement Subcommittee, is available for community-based initiatives or projects that sit at the intersection of equity, justice, and sustainability. Students, student groups, faculty/staff, and community groups can submit applications to fund projects, research, or events on a rolling basis.

4) You can help distribute E&E Fund awards by serving on the student review board for the fund. Any student who is passionate about either equity, the environment, or both is encouraged to email to inquire about serving on the review board.

5) The Office for Sustainability is seeking an Outreach, Engagement, and Communications Intern to start in January 2022. This intern will work ten (10) hours per week focused on equity, the environment, and employee engagement. Pay will be $15 per hour. If a candidate has a strong interest in equity, the position may be split in two with one student able to focus fully on environmental justice. Learn more and apply by Nov 28:


There are a number of fantastic community groups in the Charlottesville area that focus heavily on environmental justice. Consider broadening your learning and involvement across UVA and beyond with any of these organizations:

  • The Repair Lab - Racial injustice and climate change are the two most urgent challenges facing democracies today. The Repair Lab seeks to understand the relationship between the two, and deepen our understanding of the causes, consequences, and countermeasures of environmental and climate injustice locally and around the world. 
  • The Community Climate Collaborative - Ensuring an equitable transition to clean energy and a sustainable future means addressing the needs of all members of our community. That’s why C3 aims to infuse inclusion, diversity, and equity into each of their programs and their policy work.
  • Cultivate Charlottesville's Food Justice Network - The Food Justice Network is working together to build a healthy and just food system for all Charlottesville community members, no matter an individuals’ race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, age, economic background, or neighborhood location.


Environmental justice is all about people and stories, so consider learning more about just one of the thousands of BIPOC and Latinx activists protecting our planet and its people, Ana Sandoval.