Give to UVA Sustainability

In 2020, UVA launched its second comprehensive Sustainability Plan with ten bold goals and associated strategic actions to guide our progress for the decade ahead. The 2020-2030 UVA Sustainability Plan is designed to leverage interdisciplinary connections at all levels of the University to:

  • ENGAGE our community to build sustainability awareness and equity;
  • STEWARD our resources on Grounds and beyond; and
  • DISCOVER solutions to global challenges through research, curriculum, and Grounds-engaged learning. 

These goals build upon UVA's previous sustainability successes and the work of thousands of engaged individuals over many years. Meeting the challenges of the next decade will require passionate students, staff members, and faculty to take ownership of how we use resources, educate ourselves and others, and engage with our fellow Hoos and the local community. 

Your donation will help accelerate strengthen UVA’s progress towards a sustainable and equitable community on Grounds and beyond.