Give & Offset


In 2016, UVA launched its first comprehensive sustainability plan. Building on the work of over 100 stakeholders, the plan outlines 23 goals and 101 actions to embed sustainability across UVA in areas such as energy, nitrogen, waste, water, food as well as curriculum, teaching and community engagement and equity.

Your donation will help ensure UVA meets its sustainability goals and strengthen UVA’s progress towards a sustainable vision.



By offsetting your personal carbon footprint, you can make a difference! Donating to the UVA Carbon Offset Fund, you will be voluntarily offsetting your contribution to energy use, personal commuting, and/or business travel at the University of Virginia. This contribution will not only offset your personal carbon footprint but it will help UVA meet its goal to be carbon neutral by 2030.

You can choose to offset your personal footprint or donate a customized amount to the UVA Carbon Offset fund you determine yourself. Donations of all sizes are tax-deductible and a receipt will be sent to your specified email address.

If you would like to offset your personal emissions, we recommend donating the following amounts based on average annual activities:

  • Electricity: $20 per person
  • Commuting: $10 per person
  • Business or Study Abroad Travel: $10 per trip
  • Sporting Event Attendance: $5 per person


Donations to the UVA Carbon Offset Fund will be used to purchase carbon offsets from the voluntary market that meet Second Nature guidelines. Offset credits are created when donations fund projects that remove or reduce carbon pollution entering the atmosphere. These projects include reforestation, methane capture, and renewable energy projects that generate other environmental benefits.    


For more information about the UVA Carbon Offset Fund please contact the Office for Sustainability at Donations and gift receipts will be processed through the broader UVA Fund. More information can be found here.