Virginia Harris, Office for Sustainability Student Employee

With the dreaded few days of course sign-up approaching–where you’re reminded of the dysfunctionality of SIS, the anxiety of mapping out your life plan, and the stress of finding a schedule that does not require classes on Friday mornings–you might be searching for a recommended list of sustainability related courses.

In my opinion, the best part of sustainability is its interdisciplinary approach. Sustainability encompasses more than just environmental science classes; it includes policy, sociology, architecture, business, and psychology, among others. Furthermore, addressing climate change will require both the knowledge from and collaboration across a multitude of subject areas. Luckily, this means that students have the opportunity to take a sustainability-related class in almost any subject they are interested in—from engineering to art.

Below, you will find a list of some of our recommended courses you should consider signing up for next Fall.

East Asian Art, Landscape, and Ecology 

(ARTH 3559-2/EAST 5863) with Professor Dorothy Wong:

Highlights how the concepts of nature and ecology in East Asian philosophical traditions, art, and architecture impact humans’ relationship with their natural environment.

Narrating (Un)sustainability: Eco-critical Explorations in Italy & Mediterranean 

(ITTR 4010) with Professor Enrico Cesaretti:

Focuses on the eco-criticisms relevant to our ethical and environmental awareness, with no necessary Italian pre-reqs.

Toward the Resilient City

(PLAN 3810) with Professor Barbara Wilson:

Studying sustainable cities and towns to understand their underlying environmental, social, economic, and design standards.

Economics of Sustainability

(ECON 3559) with Professor William Shobe:

This is a new 3000-level version of Prof. Shobe's Economics of the Environment and Natural Resources class (ECON 4430). Topics will include the origins of environmental problems and ideas about how to solve them, the allocation of exhaustible resources over time, managing renewable resources, global warming, sustainability, and the basics of valuing natural assets.

Climate, CO2, and You

(EVSC 1450) with Professor Deborah Lawrence:

Climate change, top to bottom. Learn about how our climate is changing, its impacts, and what you can do about it.

Global Sustainability

(GSVS 2150/ ARCH 2150/ COMM 3380) with Professor Phoebe Crisman:

The capstone course for the Global Sustainability Major/Minor. Learn to design sustainable practices, wording, and technologies, for our resource constrained world with a range of guest lecturers and topics.

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