Leake Building Earns Green Workplace Certification

February 22, 2016 • Elizabeth Main

This week, both the upper and lower levels of the Leake building, consisting of employees of Facilities Management (FM), were awarded Green Workplace (GWP) Certification after completing many of the actions from the GWP checklist. The Office for Sustainability would like to thank everyone in these spaces for their attention to conservation and resource efficiency in their work.

Upper-Level Leake: Gold-Level Workplace

The upper level of Leake (ULL) contains 50 employees from various FM departments, including the Chief Facilities Officer’s Office, Human Resources, Finance, OUBO, and Facilities Planning and Construction. The Green Team for ULL was led by Sandra Smith and Kathy Grove, and also included Crystal Smith, Amy Eichenberger, and Brenda Christensen. This enthusiastic team earned 76/100 points for a Gold-level certification!

Upper-Level Leake went above and beyond the credits in the GWP checklist. For their main “innovation” credit, ULL held a Sustainability Fair on October 1, 2015. The fair promoted the FM-wide sustainability survey called “How Green is Your Workplace?” which was taken by over 50% of FM employees. The fair also encouraged employees to replace their normal trash bins with “mini-bins” in order to reduce their waste, a tool which Sandra Smith termed “SWAP” (Sustainability Waste Achievement Plan). The fair also featured snacks for participants, and the event was made zero-waste thanks to the newly implemented FM composting program.

The same day as the Sustainability Fair, Mi Whang, an IT specialist for FM, went to different offices in Upper Level Leake to adjust computer sleep settings in order to reduce their energy usage. For other workplaces that want to hold a Sustainability Fair, Sandra has put together a toolkit with information and tools.

Lower-Level Leake: Gold-Level Workplace

The Lower Level of Leake (Triple L) is home to 62 employees from various FM departments, including the FM Service Desk, Systems Control, Project Services, Facilities Planning and Construction, and Geospatial Engineering Services. The Green Team for Triple L was led by Diana Henderson along with her helpful team including Nina Green, June Bates, Deneen Morris, Amy Moses, William Hussey, Bill Blodgett, and Ruta Vasiukevicius. This team earned 75/100 points, earning them a gold-level certification!

Some notable credits earned by Triple L include Green Travel and Green Meetings, both of which fall under “transportation” credits. Lower Level Leake utilizes airport shuttles instead of renting cars when traveling. Furthermore, when conducting meetings or interviews, employees utilize Skype, GoToMeeting, and other virtual programs when possible to minimize their transportation footprint. In order to earn a “waste” credit, Lower Level Leake initiated an e-waste collection for employees to drop off used batteries, phones, chargers, and other electronic devices. If your office does not currently collect e-waste or you have questions about which items qualify, visit our recycling resources page.

For more information, visit the Green Workplace Program page.