Parking & Transportation and Demographics Research Earn Gold in Green Workplace Program

February 09, 2016 • Lizzie Main

This week, two unique workplaces were both awarded Gold-level certification in the Green Workplace Program (GWP): Parking & Transportation (P&T) and the Demographics Research Group. The Office for Sustainability would like to thank everyone in these spaces for their hard work and attention to conservation in their workplaces.

Of special note, both of these workplaces took on the difficult tasks of eliminating desk-side printers, personal refrigerators, and other personal appliances in order to cut down on their energy usage. While it is often hard to give up personal appliances, both workplaces were successful in these credits!

Parking and Transportation: Gold-Level Workplace

The Parking and Transportation workplace is comprised of 40 employees. P&T’s Green Team was led by Nneka Sobers, the Outreach Coordinator for the Transportation Demand Management program. Nneka and her Green Team completed 76.5/100 points for a gold GWP certification!

The Parking and Transportation Workplace had many notable accomplishments as part of the Green Workplace program. One of their on-going endeavors is working with Social Bicycles to create a departmental UBike membership option, earning P&T an “innovation” credit. This departmental membership will allow UVA employees in participating departments to check out and ride UBikes around Grounds without having to purchase their own individual memberships.

Parking and Transportation also earned credit for a unique healthy activity – they have organized a walking group during lunch time for interested employees. This walking group can now track how many steps they take thanks to the free fitness trackers given away by Hoo’sWell in January as part of the Wahoo Fitness Challenge. UVA employees participating in the challenge can earn a $100 bonus in their paycheck if they log 52 workouts before the end of April!

Demographics Research Group: Gold-Level Workplace

The Demographics Research Group is housed in the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service and is comprised of 7 employees. Amy Muldoon, Annie Rorem, and Michael Phillips all helped lead this workplace to a total of 75/100 points for a gold-level certification!

For “innovation” credits, the Demographics Group took on the task of instating composting in their workplace in order to divert food scraps and other compostable items from the landfill. Annie Rorem also put together a comprehensive guide on different ways to reduce paper usage, including using narrow margins, changing the font size, and changing the line spacing. This resource will be shared with all participating Green Workplaces soon, so that others can apply the settings that fit their own printing needs.

At the intersection of health and sustainability, the Demographics Group also put up reminder signs to take the stairs rather than the elevator! Taking the stairs is not only better for your health, but it also saves a significant amount of energy that the elevator would normally use to operate. You can request a CavMan poster for your stairs by emailing

Congratulations to both of these workplaces for their commitment to sustainability!

For more information on the Green Workplace Program, click here.