Water and Climate Change Field Trip to SWIFT Research Center and Norfolk, VA

In the morning, we are invited to visit the SWIFT Research Center in Suffolk, eastern Virginia. To ensure the long-term sustainability of the region’s groundwater and in light of lower water levels, sea level rise and saltwater intrusion, SWIFT adds highly treated water back into the Potomac Aquifer. We will learn about the process & see how it is being done. This innovative project should be very interesting. https://www.hrsd.com/swift/ https://www.bayjournal.com/article/hampton_roads_wastewater_to_aquifer_… In the afternoon, we will go to Norfolk where the office of Resilience will host us. Norfolk is a city that is very much challenged by sea level rise (and with frequent floods). They will show us what the city of Norfolk does to meet the challenge of climate change. Capacity: 20 people - first come, first serve
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