Office Recycling

Staff and faculty have multiple options for recycling, including desk-side bins, central recycling areas and special pick-up by UVA Recycling. To request recycling bins or schedule a pick up of large items, contact UVA Recycling at (434) 982-5050.

Paper Products

All paper products should be sorted into, two separate bins. A box with a green label for white paper and a box with a black label for mixed paper. White paper is any non-glossy paper such as printer paper, notebook paper, and books. Mixed paper is all other paper products such as post-it notes, colored paper, magazine paper, and glossy paper products.


To recycle cardboard in your office, flatten the cardboard and store it next to a recycling bin. Only non-food contaminated cardboard can be recycled. Anything with oil or grease stains and food residue must be landfilled.


Plastic products #1-7 are recyclable, such as yogurt cups, water bottles, plastic disposable cups, and plastic bags. Rinse any food contaminated plastics before tossing them in the bin. All recycling at UVA is hand sorted by members of the recycling staff, so keep it clean when possible. When in doubt, toss it in the recycling bin.

Metals & Glass

Metals and Glass should be thrown into the recycling bin. These include all colored glass bottles and glass containers. Metals such as aluminum cans, bronze, tin, copper, and steel should also be recycled.


All e-waste such as batteries, calculators, electronic office equipment should be disposed of by contacting UVA Recycling, or visit the following E-cycling bin locations: O-Hill, Runk, Brown Library, Clemons Library, Alderman Library, Fisk Library, Darden School.

Contact info:


Phone: (434) 982-5050



Plastic Recycling FAQ

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