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For those of you still searching for classes, this spring here are a few of the Office of Sustainability’s Student Employee’s favorite professors in sustainability teaching this spring.


1. Thomas Smith, from the Department of Environmental Sciences, is teaching multiple classes this semester, most of which are open to any year or major. Professor Smith clearly has a passion for his subject matter and delivers lectures with an energy that makes both the material and the lecture itself a much more interesting and enjoyable experience. 

• EVCS 1010 - Introduction to Environmental Sciences 

• EVSC 2559 - Environmental Sustainability

• EVSC 4002 - Undergraduate Seminar


2. Deborah Lawrence, from the Department of Environmental Sciences, is renowned in her field and also very approachable. Professor Lawrence exudes energy and kindness that make even her large lecture course interesting and friendly towards those who have questions. Her lower-level courses are especially interesting for non-environmental science majors due to the clarity of the concepts and the ease in which those concepts can be applied to other fields, whether it be in liberal arts or hard sciences.

• EVSC 1559 - History of Climate Science

• EVSC 4040 - Climate Change: Science, Markets & Policy 


3. Chris Gratien from the Department of History is an interesting alternative to environmental science for those interested in sustainability. Additionally, professor Gratien is the only explicit Environmental Historian at UVA. He will be teaching a general history of the Middle East (HIME 2002) this spring but promises a lot of environmental focus.

• HIME 2002 - History of the Middle East and North Africa, ca 1500-Present 


4. In a similar vein, Tessa Farmer, from the Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures, is teaching Sustainability in the Middle East this spring. She has been working with the Office of Sustainability to develop the course, and it should be very interesting.

• MESA 3110 - Sustainable Environments Middle East and South Asia 


5. Willis Jenkins, from the Department of Religious Studies, frequently teaches courses that approach sustainability through a different lens, this semester is no exception. Professor Jenkins will be teaching a pavilion seminar titled “The Ethics of Food”, which should be very interesting.

• RELG 3820 - Global Ethics & Climate Change

• PAVS 4500 – The Ethics of Food


There is no way we could cover all of the amazing faculty that are working with Sustainability at UVA, however, for a list many of the Sustainability courses being offered this spring, check out the Office of Sustainability’s comprehensive list. UVA Sustainability wishes luck to all those still looking for spring classes!

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