Sustainability Advocates

The mission of Sustainability Advocates is to use a peer to peer student network to instill knowledge, empower students, and create awareness of the impact of daily decisions.


  • Promote, educate, organize and staff sustainable events on Grounds, in Residence Areas and off-Grounds housing
  • Engage peers in creating a sustainable community with increased knowledge of recycling, energy and water conservation practices in residence areas and provide a resource for fellow students so as to raise awareness about sustainability practices across grounds
  • Collect concerns and questions regarding recycling and conservation issues from their fellow residents

SA actions

The 50 student volunteers are peer educators who reach out to fellow students to inform them about sustainability-related events around Grounds and in the community, educate and encourage sustainable behavior and habits, and foster a sense of stewardship for the planet.

  • Must attend bi-weekly meetings to discuss events, raise questions and gather information related to sustainability at UVA
  • Report announcements and information from UVA Sustainability at weekly Council meetings, throughout residence halls and off-ground housing
  • Work in groups to plan and implement a outreach project throughout the semester
  • Volunteer for Grounds-wide events such as Recyclemania, Earth Week, and World Water Day

Apply to be a Sustainability Advocate »

Deadline to apply: September 9, 2018 at noon

No late applications will be accepted

Advocate Leader Program

The Advocate Leader Program is designed to provide leadership experience to those who have gone through the Sustainability Advocate Program, as well as provide an additional resource for Sustainability Advocates. Advocate Leaders (ALs) maintain consistent communication with SAs, and help foster an environment where SAs can learn more about sustainability at UVA and develop the skills necessary to become an effective leader. Additionally, they serve as intermediaries between the Student Outreach Team and the SAs, making sure that their SAs fully understand what is asked of them and actively participate in the SA program.

Apply to be an Advocate Leader ยป

Deadline to apply: September 19, 2018 at Noon.

No late applications will be accepted


  • Experience as a sustainability advocate, while not required, is preferred.
  • Application process
  • Interview process, should there be a need for one.

Required AL duties

  1. Must attend weekly meetings
  2. Attendance in SA training session in September
  3. Consistent communication with designated SAs
  4. Consistent feedback about SA issues and concerns to Student Outreach Team