Green Living

Living on Grounds is a defining part of the undergraduate experience at UVA. However, with over two million square feet of residential living space operating 24/7, residence halls account for a significant portion of the university’s energy usage. Fortunately, there are many things that individual residents can do to reduce UVA’s environmental impact while also improving student experience. The Green Living Program currently focuses on students living on Grounds, but many green living tips are relevant no matter where you call home.

Eco-leaders Program

The Residential Eco-Leaders program is an opportunity for residential students to advocate for sustainability in dorm spaces. As an eco-leader, you will be an official member of your dorm's Association Council and will serve as the communications liaison between UVA's Office for Sustainability and your peers. The eco-leaders program will introduce you to all things sustainability at UVA and teach you the important skills of being a successful sustainability advocate. We are looking for applicants that are excited about sustainability and are eager to get involved with the sustainability community at UVA! There will be 1-2 eco-leaders selected per association council. These eco-leaders are expected to attend Association Council meetings, as well as the bi-weekly Eco-leaders meeting hosted by UVA's Office of Sustainability student engagement team. At the bi-weekly meetings, students can anticipate a quick sustainability-related workshop or lesson, an overview of upcoming events and opportunities, and a discussion of how eco-leaders can best promote these sustainability-related events and be a resource for their peers. 

Apply to be an Eco-leader Here!

The Fall 2020 application cycle will begin mid-September. Information Sessions about Association Councils positions will begin in early September. 


COVID-19 Precautions: 

The Office for Sustainability is committed to keeping students safe and healthy. The bi-weekly eco-leaders meeting will be held virtually in Fall 2020 and any eco-leader events will follow the University's social distancing and COVID-19 policies. While COVID may limit our face-to-face interactions, the Office for Sustainability will do whatever we can to ensure that the eco-leaders program is still a valuable experience for all.

Eco-leaders group photo