Green Living

Living on Grounds is a defining part of the undergraduate experience at UVA. However, with over two million square feet of residential living space operating 24/7, residence halls account for a significant portion of the university’s energy usage. Fortunately, there are many things that individual residents can do to reduce UVA’s environmental impact while also improving student experience. The Green Living Program currently focuses on students living on Grounds, but many green living tips are relevant no matter where you call home.

Green Living Certification Program

The Green Living Certificate aims to promote sustainable living in residence halls and around Grounds by educating students about the simple steps they can take to conserve resources and advance a culture of sustainability at UVA.

Three Simple Steps to Get Certified

  1. Commit to 20 sustainable living actions (5 prerequisites + 15 other actions from 6 categories)

    Have at least one recycling bin in your room. Use a reusable water bottle and coffee mug. Always turn off lights when leaving room. Refer other people to green living actions. Join the UVA Sustainability newsletter.
  2. Contribute to a happy, healthy planet and WIN PRIZES! (A succulent for your room, sticker for your laptop/water bottle, and Green Living nametag for your door!)

    potted succulent laptop with green living sticker door with green living decal

Green Living Resources

Tools for RAs