Green Workplace Program

The Green Workplace Program engages U.Va. employees and workplaces in actions that conserve energy, save money, and advance sustainability.

The program includes 60 actions workplaces can implement to be more sustainable. Credits range between one and five points, based on the anticipated level of effort required to implement each credit. Participants report their actions and earn a Green Workplace certification based on the total points achieved. The certification levels are bronze, silver, and gold for achieving 25+, 50+, and 75+ points respectively.

7 Steps to a Green Workplace

  1. Get familiar with the program.
  2. Form a Green Team.
  3. Obtain leadership approval.
  4. Register for the Green Workplace Program.
  5. Perform an initial assessment.
  6. Document your accomplishments
  7. Get certified and celebrate! Submit your completed application to

The Credit Checklist

View the full 60 actions credit checklist below, hover over a credit for further details. If you wish to conduct a sample self-assessment, click through the tabs and click on the check box next to each credit that your workplace has previously accomplished to receive a sample score. The credits range in value from 1-5 points.
Download excel file of the full credit checklist »






    Zero Waste






Sample Score:

Certified Workplaces

Over 10 workplaces have been certified with 10 more progressing through the program. These spaces and their green teams are championing sustainable practices with attention to conservation and resource efficiency in their work.

  • 1003 W. Main (2015) »
  • Facilities Management Annex Trailer (2015) »
  • Ednam Professional Center (2016)
  • Dining Administration Office (2016)
    • Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service (2016)
    • IM-Rec Sports (2016)
  • Environmental Sciences Admin Offices (2017)
  • School of Nursing (2017))
  • 400 Ray C. Hunt Drive (2017)
  • Landscape Shop
  • New Cabell Hall 5th Floor
  • Brown Science and Engineering Library
  • Zehmer Hall
  • Skipwith Hall


To get started, download our comprehensive resource guide and credit check list. The guide provides step by step instructions to complete Green Workplace credits. The credit checklist is an excel file used to track your progress within the program.

For questions, contact: