Recycling & Waste Diversion

UVA Recycling facilitates recycling and waste management at the University, helping to ensure that opportunities for diverting materials from landfills are maximized.

The following materials are routinely collected:

  • Aluminum (and other metals)
  • Cardboard
  • Electronics
  • Glass (all colors)
  • Plastics (#1-7)
  • White and mixed office paper

Recycling Guide

For an outdoor event:

UVA Recycling will provide recycling bins for your event. Contact UVA Recycling at (434) 982-5050 with an attendance estimate. Recycling bins will be transported to and picked up after the event ends.

Student housing:

Each room is issued a stackable two-bin recycling unit. One bin (green) is for mixed paper, and one bin (blue) is for plastics, metals and glass. Contact U.Va. Recycling if your room does not have one or both of these recycling bins.
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Desk side and office recycling for faculty and staff:

Staff and faculty in office spaces have multiple options for recycling. These include desk side bins, central recycling areas, and special pick-up by U.Va. Recycling staff. To request recycling bins or schedule a pick up of large items, contact U.Va. Recycling at (434) 982-5050.
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Health system employees:

To request a confidential paper bin or bottles/cans bin, contact your supervisor about the department’s protocol on recycling bins. To schedule a bin delivery, please contact UVA Recycling at (434) 982-5050.

For more information contact:

Sonny Beale, Jason Snow, and Victor Martin
Phone: (434) 982-5050