Recycling in Residence Halls

Residential recycling at U.Va. is an important component of resource management. Students living on Grounds should practice proper recycling by sorting recyclable items into the appropriate bin. Each room is issued a stackable two-bin recycling unit. One bin (blue) is for mixed paper, and one bin (green) is for plastics, metals and glass. Contact U.Va. Recycling if your room does not have one or both of these recycling bins.

The bins can be emptied outside at designated recycling collection areas within each residential quad. Ask a Residential Advisor about your building's specific drop-off location.

U.Va. Residential Recycling Guide

Click on the tabs below to view the recycling guide. If you have a question about how to recycling a particular item that is not covered below, then contact U.Va. Recycling at (434) 982-5050.

White Paper

Any white paper such as printer/copy paper, lined, etc.


White paper & Notebook paper

Mixed Paper

Any colored paper, newspaper, magazines, envelops, post-it notes, and index cards.



Recycle flattened cardboard next to any recycling receptacle.

Flatten the Box


All numbered plastics #1-7 such as coffee cup lids, yogurt cups, plastic bottles, plastic bags can be recycled

Plastic Bags & Plastic Wrap


U.Va. recycles aluminum, steel, copper, tin, and brass. Metals can be found in many basic household products, such as soup cans, mint containers, and zippers.



Clear and colored glass are recycled at U.Va. Rinse the bottle when possible.




All batteries, cell phones, chargers, calculators, and other electronic devices can be e-cycled.

Locations: O-Hill, Runk, Brown Library, Clemons Library, Alderman Library, Fisk Library, Darden School


  • Tissues,paper towels, & napkins
  • Ceramics
  • Waxed containers
  • Toxic substance containers such as motor oil, & anti-freeze.
  • Food-contaminated cardboard
  • Styrofoam
  • Carbon paper, such as receipts.