Residential Recycling

On Grounds

Students living on Grounds should practice proper recycling by sorting recyclable items into the appropriate bin. Each room is issued a stackable two-bin recycling unit. One bin (blue) is for mixed paper, and one bin (green) is for plastics, metals, and glass. Contact UVA Recycling if your room does not have one or both of these recycling bins.

The bins can be emptied outside at designated recycling collection areas within each residential quad. Ask a Residential Advisor about your building's specific drop-off location.

What to Recycle:

  • Paper Bin: White paper & notebooks, flattened boxes and mixed paper (colored paper, newspaper, magazines, post-it notes and index cards)
  • Plastic, Metal & Glass Bin: All plastics #1-7, plastic bags & wrap, glass, and metals such as aluminum, steel, copper, tin, and brass
  • E-CyclingAll e-waste such as batteries, calculators, electronic office equipment should be disposed of by contacting UVA Recycling, or visit the following E-cycling bin locations: O-Hill, Runk, Brown Library, Clemons Library, Alderman Library, Fisk Library, Darden School.

To request a bin contact:


Phone: (434) 982-5050

Off Grounds Residential Recycling

Depending on if you’re living in the City of Charlottesville or a surrounding country, as well as if you live in a single-family home or a multi-family building, your recycling opportunities will look different. Utilize the resources below to determine the recycling opportunities available to you.

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Got 5 minutes? Win a $50 Gift Card to the UVA bookstore!

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