UVA Green Building Standards

The University of Virginia Green Building Standards outline UVA’s minimum expectations for aligning University-wide sustainability goals with building design, construction, and maintenance. The standards include a comprehensive package of prescriptive requirements, an implementation process to support projects in meeting the standards in a cost-effective manner, and for capital projects, an enhanced process to embed sustainability into the decision-making process. The standards consolidate existing Facility Design Guidelines Requirements, bring additional value to existing requirements, and propose additional requirements to align projects with meeting UVA’s sustainability goals beyond what LEED certification can accomplish or for projects for which LEED certification is not required.  Each specification has one or more of the following goals: reduce environmental impact, provide anticipated reduced life cycle costs, and promote healthier and safer buildings. 

The Green Building Standards apply to all projects (any project requiring a building or project permit), within the project’s scope of work. Supplemental standards for new construction and major renovations for which LEED certification is already a minimum requirement are included in Part II.