UVA provides distributed water throughout Grounds and central plants to ensure comfort while working to reduce water consumption through efficiency of use and water reclamation projects.

UVA Facilities Management recently completed a water reclamation project at the Aquatics & Fitness Center which redirects this water from the air conditioning systems serving the pool and workout areas to a nearby central energy plant, allowing UVA to avoid consuming more water. Since coming online in May 2018, this system has reclaimed over 57,000 gallons of water. This and other projects have allowed UVA’s water footprint to decrease since its peak and will continue to address water conservation projects throughout Grounds.

Water Goal

Reduce UVA's water use by 30% relative to 2010 levels by 2030


water graph from the UVA Sustainability 2018-2019 Annual report



Stormwater management at UVA is now an integral part of our interaction with our environment. Increasing development and urbanization of our lands has led to changes in the natural environment that include increases in flooding, degradation of water quality, erosion, and sedimentation of our waterways.

The University of Virginia is working to reduce these impacts through stormwater management plans. To help keep Virginia’s waterways clean, the University community works together to minimize pollution and litter from entering storm drains.


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