Sustainability Advocates

The mission of the UVA Sustainability Advocates (SA) Program is to link the Office for Sustainability to the student body and to use our ideas and projects to instill knowledge, empower students, and create sustainable lifestyle changes. The SA Program allows volunteers to develop an understanding of energy & water conservation, recycling, and other green habits. They promote these issues in their residence area and throughout the University, act as a source of information for their peers, and help to foster a sense of community and stewardship for the planet.

Sustainability Advocates Fall 2020

The Fall 2020 SA program will work on a single sustainability issue to promote working cohesively as a group and increase the scope and long-term effectiveness of projects. As a group, we will choose among 5-6 large-scale sustainability projects to find one collaborative campaign topic to work on this semester. These options will come from the Office for Sustainability and relate to UVA's overall sustainability goals. You will be able to self-sort into action subgroups based on your particular interests and abilities. These subgroups will be developed in accordance with the issue we pick collectively. Each subgroup will have an AL, an Advocate Leader, to serve as a mentor for the semester-long project. 

Due to COVID-19, the SA program will look slightly different. In the past, we held weekly meetings where SAs were able to meet with their subgroups to work on their projects. This following semester, we are keeping things online with bi-weekly large group meetings. In these meetings, we will make announcements, check-in with each subgroup, and host occasional workshops. We ask that subgroups to meet on their own time weekly. You all could decide to do this in-person or online. 

In addition to the semester-long project, we will be bringing in guest speakers and hosting workshops on sustainability topics of interest to our SA’s. We also plan to have outdoor socials that build community such as community gardening days or clean ups.



The SA program has closed applications for the spring semester. We will begin recruitment for Fall 2021 in late August.