Yuki Zheng, Office for Sustainability Student Employee

Are you interested in getting involved with sustainability at UVA? The Sustainability Advocates (SA) program provides opportunities for our advocates to develop into sustainability leaders. Through educational programming and workshops, working with subgroups on outreach projects, and networking with other green groups on Grounds, our SAs become resources for the larger University community. 

Like previous semesters, the Fall 2020 SA program will work on a single sustainability issue to promote working cohesively as a group and increase the scope and long-term effectiveness of projects. As a group, we will choose among 5-6 large-scale sustainability projects to find one collaborative campaign topic to work on this semester. These options will come from the Office for Sustainability and relate to UVA's overall sustainability goals. You will be able to self-sort into action subgroups based on your particular interests and abilities. These subgroups will be developed in accordance with the issue we pick collectively.  Each subgroup will have an AL, an Advocate Leader, to serve as a mentor for the semester-long project. 

Our past SAs have worked on campaigns like single-use plastic, sustainable coffee, sustainable grocery shopping, and consumerism. Some past outreach projects include hosting plastic bag takeback series, creating composting maps and graphics, and tabling about fair trade. SAs are able to get creative with thinking about how to engage with the UVA community with their projects. 

Due to COVID-19, the SA program will look slightly different. In the past, we held weekly meetings where SAs were able to meet with their subgroups to work on their projects. This following semester, we are keeping things online with bi-weekly large group meetings. In these meetings, we will make announcements, check-in with each subgroup, and host occasional workshops. We ask that subgroups to meet on their own time weekly. You all could decide to do this in-person or online. 

Apply here! Applications are due September 9 at 11:59PM

Questions? Contact UVA Sustainability.