The FM Sustainability Council would like to recognize Ken Mahaffey, Tony Holt, and Tom Hockins as our next Sustainability Champions for their work in promptly addressing environmental hazards.

Ken was working the night shift during a rainy Sunday night when he observed the liftgate to a truck delivering material to the hospital was leaking hydraulic fluid which was being washed into the adjacent storm drain. Ken mobilized his crew (Tom & Tony) to get spill cleanup materials to prevent further material from entering the storm drain and absorb the spilled material on the pavement. Tom and Tony were on Hazmat teams in their previous employment and their old training came to good use. Ken quickly notified on-call personnel of the incident to ensure the environment was protected and proper cleanup was implemented. The delivery was not part of the heat plant operations, but heat plant staff took quick action to protect the environment and look out for the University's impact.

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