The Facilities Management Sustainability Council is excited to recognize Vinnie Vawter & Doug Rush from the Health System Physical Plant (HSPP) as our next Sustainability Champions. Vinnie & Doug have both shown strong stewardship of UVA’s resources for a number of years, and they are both past members of the FM Sustainability Council, working on projects that make a big difference!

Vinnie has been a sustainability champion at UVA for a long time. She led the HSPP Green Team back in 2015 & worked on RE-certification of her space with the Green Workplace Program this past year. She and her colleagues came up with the idea for a 360 Green Workplace Tour, which is now a resource available on our website thanks to Vinnie's persistent coordination. When Derek Wilson moved in, she made sure that his whole office was outfitted with furniture from the Surplus Store, & she was a big supporter of the cardboard compactor installation at HSPP. This not only helped cut down on all of the boxes that were left sitting around on the loading dock but also ensured that the boxes would be recycled and not thrown in the landfill garbage. Vinnie keeps an eye out for sustainability opportunities all throughout HSPP, and for that, we are grateful!

Since the installation of the new cardboard compactor at the West Loading Dock for the Health System, Doug has been supportive in ensuring that full bales of cardboard get tied off and ejected when needed. If bales aren't ejected when full, cardboard that could have been recycled would either pile up on the dock or possibly end up in the dumpster instead. Doug has been really on-the-ball in notifying the recycling team to collect the cardboard when needed & ensuring that their jobs can go as smoothly as possible. This is not a part of Doug's typical work role, but nevertheless, he has been a good steward of this recycling project.

Is an FM employee that you know taking that extra step to improve sustainability or efficiency on Grounds? Learn more about the program and nominate individuals here.