The FM Sustainability Council would like to recognize James Bledsoe as the next Sustainability Champion for his passionate work with helping the university, in its efforts to reach its landfill reduction goals. During the months of December & January, a pilot has being trialed in Skipwith Hall that captures paper towels in restrooms in an attempt to send them to a compost stream instead of the landfill because of the high volumes of compostable material in these locations.

James Bledsoe is the frontline employee that has been tasked with the collection of this material for the Custodial Services team. James immediately bought in to the process. James continually updates members of his supervision as well as project team members. He has taken the initiative to empty contents of containers, when applicable, thus significantly reducing the expenditures on bags and bag disposal by 33% on this project. He also has been invaluable with communicating with his supervision and the project team when discrepancies are found.

James also continues to seek new ways to expand this further in to other areas of Facilities Management because he believes in keeping material out of the landfill and it is better for our planet. Because of his efforts, we expect this project to be a resounding success. We would like to thank James for his efforts as well as everyone in custodial services that has worked to make paper towel composting successful.

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