Sometimes living sustainably can be associated with a higher cost. However, through resources at the University and in Charlottesville, sustainable choices are more accessible than first thought. Students should not have to choose between being environmentally conscious or being financially secure. This list of resources is meant to lead students to budget-friendly sustainable living options. 




Buying everyday items secondhand instead of new allows you to save money and avoid creating any additional environmental impact. Do you know about these great options for getting secondhand school supplies, clothes, household items, and more?

reuse at UVA

University of Virginia Programs

ReUSE Store: A collection of office furniture, electronic equipment and other items available to students and the Charlottesville community at a very low cost.

ROSE Program: Has gently used or never used office supplies that are available to students and the Charlottesville community at no cost.


Thrift Stores

Salvation Army: The Salvation Army has a multitude of programs that include a bill payment assistance program as well as a family store with clothes, appliances and furniture. The Salvation Army and Family Store are both accessible through the CAT buses on the 6th and 4th lines respectively. 

Goodwill: Goodwill has a number of donated items, most popular being clothes or furniture at a discounted price. 

ReThreads: A thrift store focused on affordable accessories and clothes.


image of uva student walking to bus



The costs of driving, parking, and using ride-share services can really add up. Luckily, using public transportation, active transportation, and ride sharing can not only save you money, but also minimize your personal emissions. Make sure you're familiar with all these great local transportation resources.

Bus Live Tracker Systems

CAT Tracker: Tracks the Charlottesville busses live and is free to students. 

UVA Tracker: Tracks the UVA bus system live and is free to students. 



Community Bikes: Charlottesville Community Bikes provides free bikes to adults through a Voucher Bike Program and also has affordable bikes for everyone. Community Bikes also offers bicycle repair classes.


Carpool/Ride-Sharing with the UVA community

Facebook Groups: Hoo’s Driving/Hoo’s Riding: If you are looking for a way home, check out these pages on Facebook and see if there is a carpool you could join! NOVA, 757/Richmond, Out of State, UVA/VT.





Feeding your body and mind with quality, healthy ingredients can sometimes be a challenge on a college budget. Plus, opportunities to exercise your body and mind in the great outdoors can sometimes feel out of reach. Hopefully these resources can help you take care of yourself while respecting the planet.

image of uva food pantry

University of Virginia Food Resources

Community Food Pantry: The Community Food Pantry offers a variety of food. It is located on the 1st Floor of Newcomb and is available to all students and staff. 

UVA Community Garden: Across from O’Hill Dining Hall, the community garden has fresh food and veggies which you can take home for free when you volunteer.

Office of the Dean of Students: This food insecurity page has a list of multiple resources that are available to students that need assistance paying for food. 


University of Virginia Outdoor Resources

Outdoor Adventure Equipment Rental: Rent outdoor equipment, like a kayak for $10. Rentals range from 1 day to 21 days. Prices are discounted for students, but also are available to Charlottesville community members at the standard rate. 


image of dollar signs



Lack of funding should never hold a great idea back. Whether it's a project you'd like to implement on Grounds, or an unpaid internship that could help propel your career, take advantage of these funding opportunities that are meant to help empower students interested in sustainability.

Equity and Environment Fund: A fund that is available for community-based initiatives or projects that relate to equity, justice, and sustainability.

Udall Undergraduate Scholarship: The Udall Foundation awards scholarships to 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students for leadership, public service, and commitment to issues related to Native American nations or stewardship of the environment.

Parents Fund Internship Grants: Awarded in the Spring of each academic year, this fund provides support to students who have secured unpaid public service or sustainability internships.


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Got 5 minutes? Win a $50 Gift Card to the UVA bookstore!

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