Existing Buildings

The over 500 existing buildings at U.Va. present continual opportunities for sustainability upgrades. In addition to the primary existing buildings sustainability program, Delta Force, Facilities Management, with the help of student workers, continues to identify and upgrade inefficient lighting fixtures throughout the University. This year eight facilities were selected for full building re-lamping. In addition, 155 exterior pole lights, bollards & other exterior lights were converted to LED. These projects saved the University $97,300 in electricity costs in 2014-15 because they were completed mid-year. These lighting projects are estimated to save the University over $130,000 annually.

Delta Force

Delta Force is a building efficiency initiative led by a team of engineers in Facilities Management. Since 2007, $7.9 million has been invested in the Delta Force retro-commissioning initiative. With an avoided cost to date of nearly $22 million, the simple return on investment is 2.5:1 since the program inception.

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