Curriculum and Research

UVA’s multi-disciplinary research and teaching has a core sustainability curriculum that is ingrained within many aspects of learning at the University. Over 100 sustainability-focused or sustainability-related courses are offered and over 200 faculty members are involved in sustainability-related research. The Teaching and Research Subcommittee of the Committee on Sustainability seeks to promote interdisciplinary collaboration in curriculum development as well as research.

Environmental Resilience Institute

The Environmental Resilience Institute supports transdisciplinary research and training at the intersection of environmental change and human well-being. The mission of the institute is to accelerate the rate of discovery, train the next generation of leaders in integrative research, and link science with policy on regional to global scales. Current priorities for ERI funding are Climate Resilience, Water and Energy Security, and Environment and Health.

Key programs of the Environmental Resilience Institute include funding collaborative teams (CoLabs), rapid response grants, graduate and faculty fellowships, and internship opportunities. ERI hosts the graduate research forum, a series of regular events organized by a student-led community to support graduate students and faculty across Grounds, to advance resilience and sustainability research.

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