Health & Wellness

The University offers a comprehensive wellness program, Hoo’s Well, which promotes good health. All Academic Division and Medical Center employees (spouses too) who are enrolled in the U.Va Health Plan can participate. With an emphasis on prevention, Hoo’s Well can help employees prevent illness and embrace healthy living. Through the program employees gain access to a broad array of fitness options, nutrition aids and rewards. Learn more »


For students, The U.Va. Department of Student Health, Harrison Bowne "Tersh" Smith Jr., Memorial Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is the University of Virginia's primary student counseling clinic. Their mission is to be responsive to the mental health needs of U.Va. students while also providing consultation, education, outreach and crisis management to the broader U.Va. community. Learn more »

Exercising on Grounds

U.Va.’s Department of Intramural-Recreational Sports provides a wide variety of resources and facilities that can support the development and well-being of members of the University community. Employees and students can participate together in classes, recreational offerings and use of facilities.

Biking to work can be a great way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine and save you money. If this option is available to you, U.Va.’s Parking & Transportation department is a great resource for getting started. Learn more »

Healthy Environment

U.Va.’s Environmental Health and Safety offers a broad array of resources to University community members to help make the living, working and learning environment safe. For example, the Ergonomics web site offers tips for computer users on how to reduce stress and strain. There is even a description of the U.Va. Dance, “Terpsikhore,” which makes stretching fun!


This video is about tips on how everyone can play a part in creating a sustainable world.


The U.Va. Center for Design & Health, co-directed by Rueben Rainey and Tim Beatley, pursues cross-disciplinary research to aid the design and planning of effective environments for human health and well being. The work of the Center focuses on a variety of health issues, including the design and planning of patient-centered medical facilities, housing, neighborhoods, communities, cities, and regions. Learn more »

The Biophilic Cities Project (School of Architecture): The Biophilic Cities Project is an umbrella term that refers to research and policy work on biophilic cities, both domestically and internationally, by Professor Tim Beatley and his team at the University of Virginia’s School of Architecture. Its principal aim is to advance the theory and practice of planning for biophilic cities, through a combination of collaborative research, dialogue and exchange, teaching. Learn more »

U.Va. faculty member Matt Trowbridge, MD, MPH, studies the impact of the built environment and land use patterns on human health and wellness. In 2015, he received a $1.2 million grant to directly addresses longstanding gaps in the availability of practical tools to promote healthy places. Learn more »