UVA Saves Hour is a test of a state-wide program to reduce electricity demand during peak periods in summer months. Our goal is to save 6.9 megawatts of electricity during the one hour test, the equivalent of powering down an average American home for seven months. [EIA.gov


  • If you will be on Grounds, we need your cooperation to reach our goal. Please mark your calendar for 2:00pm. 

  • If you are still working from home or are away from your office, please try to coordinate with colleagues who are on Grounds to power down or unplug things in your area. 


Please switch off or unplug nonessential items around your workplace by no later than 2:00pm and keep them off until 3:00pm. 

  • Turn off lighting & use natural light instead: including in your personal workspace as well as conference rooms, kitchens, and other common areas 

  • Unplug kitchen appliances: including microwaves, coffee machines, toasters, etc. 

  • Unplug things at your desk: including chargers, fans, lamps, etc. 

  • Minimize your computer’s energy use in any of the following ways: 

    • undock your laptop from charging station & turn off monitors 

    • shut down & catch up on some non-computer work 

    • shut down & take a Hoos Well fit break with supervisor approval 

  • Consider other large appliances or devices in your workspace, and make energy minimization plans if possible 


Please keep in mind that this is a test and is not meant to interfere with your work. Talk to your supervisor to determine what is possible in your area. Email sustainability@virginia.edu with any questions.


Share how you reduce electricity consumption: Email sustainability@virginia.edu with a *photo* of you implementing a creative idea or big commitment during UVA Saves Hour for a chance to win a dozen donuts for your team!