H2O 2 GO is a free water bottle refill service available for University-related outdoor events. Any UVA student, faculty or staff member may reserve the H2O 2 GO portable station, which has four taps for simultaneous use. This portable water refill station allows for large events to reduce plastic water bottle use and encourage participants to use reusable water bottles.

A reduction in plastic water bottles helps to save money and the environment! Did you know that we throw away 25,000,000 plastic bottles every hour¹? By reducing our waste at large events, we can help to reduce the number of plastic bottles heading to the landfill. Additionally, you can save around $1,400 a year by making the change to reusable water bottles². H20 2 GO is a great resource for large events to save money and play a role in environmental sustainability.

UVA Facilities Management will deliver, set-up and take away the station. The water provided is filtered, but is not pre-chilled. Reserve H20 2 GO for your next event!

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H2O 2 GO is provided thanks to GIFT grant and UVA Facilities Management funding and staffing. This project was implemented by the UVA H2O Working Group.