In 2016, UVA launched its first comprehensive Sustainability Plan - engaging over one hundred stakeholders to build upon existing stewardship goals, adding robust waste, procurement, food and water goals and actions, and committing to integrated goals related to community engagement, curriculum, and research.


Collaboration as a Hallmark

There is phenomenal sustainability-related research, coursework, and leadership occurring at UVA in nearly every area of the University, with over more than 130 sustainability-related courses, over 300 faculty involved in sustainability-related research, over 30 sustainability-focused student groups, and countless individuals.

UVA is supporting current sustainability leaders working in science, engineering, humanities, and other areas across Grounds, by creating grants such as the Equity & Environment Fund to help these units thrive in sustainability-related initiatives. Pan-University collaborative teaching, research, and applied practice (Engage, Steward, and Discover) continue to grow, with extensive strategic collaboration that leverages the combined strengths of the University Committee on Sustainability, Environmental Resilience Institute, the Office for Sustainability, the Global Sustainability Initiative, and many more.


Goals and Actions

The Sustainability Plan outlines 23 goals and 101 actions, including the development Action Plans to provide the UVA community and its partners transparent road- maps of specific strategies for how the University seeks to meet its environmental stewardship goals.

UVA’s strategic sustainability framework seeks pan-university and interdisciplinary connections at all levels of the University to ENGAGE our community and build sustainability awareness, STEWARD our resources on Grounds and beyond, and DISCOVER solutions to global challenges through research, curriculum, and using the Grounds as a learning tool.

As we move into the second half of our five- year plan, and as UVA moves into its third century, we have a pivotal opportunity to engage the UVA community in developing and implementing a shared longer-term vision for sustainability.