There are many ways for UVA students to get involved in the sustainability scene. Check out the options below or email us to learn more about involvement opportunities on Grounds and beyond.


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Leadership Programs and CIOs

Sustainability Advocates work directly with the Office for Sustainability to develop sustainability student leaders across Grounds. From sustainable coffee campaigns to plastic bag take-backs, find ways to engage the UVA community in a meaningful way. The 2023-24 application has closed.

Office for Sustainability student employees holding up t-shirt that says "From the Grounds Up."

Zero Waste Ambassadors directly contribute to UVA's ambitious waste minimization goals. ZWAs will help expand and implement composting around Grounds. Apply for the Spring 2024 cohort here.

EcoLeaders is an OFS-backed program for sustainability centered around professional development, dorm engagement, and educational opportunities for students living on Grounds. On-grounds students who are new to UVA will have the opportunity to make faculty connects and receive professional development in areas related to sustainability. The 2023-24 application has closed.

Sustainability Student Organizations UVA has over 30 CIOs working on sustainability initiatives from gardening to entrepreneurship to solar car designing. Check out the full list on our AASHE STARS report.


Environmental Stewardship Subcommittee of the UVA Committee on Sustainability promotes and enables environmental stewardship on Grounds through student, staff and faculty engagement and direct action. There are currently many different working groups that focus on topic areas such as energy, materials and waste, water, nitrogen and more. 

Civic Engagement Subcommittee is also part of the UVA Committee on Sustainability and works to expand and deepen sustainability within the UVA community both on and off Grounds. The subcommittee hosts the annual Sustainability Leadership Award, the UVA Equity & Environment Fund and other initiatives.

Events and Volunteering

The Office for Sustainability hosts over 90 events a year. Stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter or visiting our events page

Student Garden - Students are welcome to swing by the garden at the corner of Alderman and McCormick any time; check our webpage for designated volunteer days when someone from the Office for Sustainability is on hand to guide the work session.  

Jobs and Grants

UVA provides numerous opportunities for students to gain professional experience through sustainability-related jobs and internships. Check the Office for Sustainability Careers page for positions in the office or check the Career Center page for positions at UVA and in the community.

Grants & Funding – Have an idea or event you’d like to get started at UVA? Consider applying for grant funding.