Green Living

Green Living

Living on Grounds is a defining part of the undergraduate experience at UVA, but with over 2 million square feet of living space operating 24/7, residence halls account for a significant portion of the University’s energy usage. 

Fortunately, there are many things that residents can do to reduce UVA’s environmental impact while also improving student experience.


An OFS-backed program for sustainability centered around professional development, dorm engagement, and educational opportunities for students living on Grounds. On-grounds students new to UVA will have the opportunity to make faculty connections and receive professional development in areas related to sustainability. Students will participate in meetings, have Career Center workshops, advocate for sustainability in their dorms, and finish the program with a “Green Certification.” 

Sustainability Programs for Residence Halls

The Office for Sustainability provides four easy programs available at any RA’s request. 

  1. dsc_1071.jpg
    Succulent Saturday: Play some sustainability trivia (with Kahoot!) to learn about efforts on Grounds and receive your very own succulent for your room! OFS will provide succulents. 
  2. Sustainabili-Tea: Bring your reusable mug and enjoy warm beverages (some compostable cups provided). Learn about sustainable food wares and UVA's waste minimization goals. 
  3. O-Hill Hike: Get to know Grounds and local wildlife on this guided hike around the O-Hill trails. You’ll also learn about UVA's carbon-emissions goals and actions residents can take to participate. 
  4. Recycled Arts and Crafts: Make friendship bracelets and lanyards with recycled materials and talk about recycling and fast fashion.
  5. Nitrogen Cookout: Join the Nitrogen Working Group for a plant-based cookout to promote sustainable eating habits! Gather with friends to learn about your nitrogen footprint and how you can reduce it. Plant-based burgers, toppings, and sides are included. 


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