UVA Recycling facilitates recycling and waste management at the University, helping to ensure that opportunities for diverting materials from landfills are maximized, materials are properly sorted and tracked to meet UVA’s waste goals.

The following materials are routinely collected:

  • Aluminum (and other metals)
  • Cardboard
  • Electronics
  • Glass (all colors)
  • Plastics (#1-7)
  • White and mixed office paper

Compost collection is available at select locations across UVA and as part of zero waste events. Learn more about composting at UVA

Have questions about where UVA's plastic recycling goes? Visit our Plastic Recycling FAQ page

Recycling Services

ROSE Program

The ROSE Program (Reusable Office Supply Exchange) collects gently or never used office supplies from departments throughout UVA and makes these materials available to the community. 

Merci Program

A medical supplies recycling program, the MERCI program serves to divert unused medical supplies to humanitarian organizations instead of landfills.

ReUSE Store 

The UVA ReUSE Store supports the collection, sale and reuse of surplus property to the UVA community and with public sale days.

Outdoor Event Recycling

UVA Recycling provides both recycling bins and compost bins for outdoor events. Contact UVA Recycling at (434) 982-5050 with an attendance estimate. Recycling bins will be transported to and picked up after the event ends.

Hoos ReUse

Hoos ReUse is an annual charitable donation drive to allow students living both on and off Grounds to donate gently used items during move-out. Students living on Grounds are encouraged to donate clothing, furniture, electronics, non-perishable foods, and other useful items to benefit non-profits. Last year, the Hoos ReUse program increased its donations by 71% percent to 62,824 pounds! 

Contact Us

To request a bin, schedule an office clean up, or general questions, call (434) 982-5050

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