Andrea Trimble

Headshot photo of Andrea Trimble smiling
Office for Sustainability Director

Andrea Trimble (she/her) is the Sustainability Director at the University of Virginia and has been a leader in sustainability in higher education for over 17 years. Andrea leads UVA's Office for Sustainability team, with focus on pan-University strategic planning and programs in engagement, communication, analysis, and sustainable operations on a range of scales and across impact areas. Prior to joining UVA in November 2013, she managed Harvard University’s sustainable building program, taught university courses in design and sustainability, and worked in architecture, historic preservation and sustainability consulting. 

Andrea holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Tech, a Master of Liberal Arts in sustainability and environmental management from the Harvard Extension School, and Master of Science in historic preservation from Columbia University. Andrea is co-chair of the Ivy+ Sustainability Consortium, a member of the DOE Better Buildings Alliance Higher Education Sector Group Steering Committee and is on the Board of Directors for Second Street Gallery.  Outside of work, Andrea is a visual artist whose art focuses on climate change, is co-founder of Draw Charlottesville, and trains for marathons, with the goal of running all six World Major marathons while raising funds for WaterAid, an international clean water nonprofit organization.