Zero Waste

Zero Waste

Waste minimization is a top priority for the University as we aim to reduce our waste footprint by 70% of 2010 levels by 2030. In 2021, we were more than halfway to our goal, reducing waste by 39%.

UVA applies a multi-prong approach including reusing items, recycling, composting, reducing the amount of materials purchased and ensuring that materials we do purchase are environmentally sustainable. Since mid-2021, UVA prohibits the purchase and use of certain single-use plastics, such as bottled water, plates, cups, cutlery and bags. See this page for more details.

Got an event coming up? 

Composting at Gazpacho in the Garden
Gazpacho in the Garden at Morven Farm, 2022.

Students, staff and faculty across Grounds hold thousands of events every year, from smaller meetings to large events with hundreds of attendees – designing Zero Waste events are a top opportunity to reduce waste. The team at the Office for Sustainability is ready to help.

We partner with the Recycling Department to provide resources, guidance and support for implementing best practices, including how to comply with UVA’s prohibition of certain single-use plastics and how to provide composting and recycling options for your guests.  

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