10 Things You Never Have to Buy at UVA

UVA has many resources in place to help employees and departments reduce costs and support UVA’s sustainability initiatives at the same time! Keep reading to learn about where to find popular items (for free!) and which items to avoid purchasing with UVA funds.

UVA Overhead w Solar Panels

Did you know that UVA offers employees and departments a way to reduce costs and support UVA’s sustainability initiatives at the same time? Below is a list of ten popular office items you can obtain at no cost (yes, free!) to avoid purchasing with UVA funds.

Let’s begin at the Reuse Store is located at 580 McCormick, on the upper level and is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8 AM to 2 PM.

Shown is a map of UVA Grounds with a circle over the UVA ReUSE Store

Office Chairs
Looking to add furnishings to your office or upgrade your computer desk? Check out the Reuse Store at UVA! The Reuse Store is responsible for the collection, sale, and reuse of UVA property. It supports UVA’s goal of reducing waste to 30% of 2010 levels by 2030 by extending the lifespan of goods that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill.

Filing Cabinets
You can also find filing cabinets at the Reuse Store. Because the store takes items that are unclaimed, lost or abandoned property from UVA, regardless of age and condition, you can be sure to find steals on items like filing cabinets that are in great condition.

The Reuse Store also has bookshelves which are great for an office or academic setting. Not only does the Reuse Store promote sustainability, but it promotes accessibility because their items are sold to the  public at low prices.

Computer Monitors
Last item we’d like to highlight from the Reuse Store is computer monitors. Yes, the Reuse Store has it all!

The next items come from the ROSE (Reusable Office Supply Exchange) Store, which is just downstairs at 580 McCormick Road. They are open from 8:00 AM to 2 PM Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. [email protected] or (434) 982-5050.

Next to the Reuse Store, you’ll find the Reusable Office Supply Exchange— more commonly known as the ROSE store. Similar to the Reuse Store, the ROSE store copious amounts of second-hand items (mostly office supplies) collected from UVA all free to community members. You can find many binders in various sizes and colors.

Desk Organizers
Plenty of desk organizers are available at the ROSE store. Help support UVA’s waste goal once again by giving items a second life in your workspace and keep them out of the landfill.

Among the plethora of interesting items over at the ROSE store, we want to note that pens in various colors and styles are in abundance and completely FREE! There were just seven reasons to head on over to 580 McCormick Road.

Lastly, here are items that are prohibited at UVA.

Space Heaters
There are a few items that the University does not allow to be purchased with UVA funds. For instance, did you know that there is a policy that prohibits space heaters at UVA?  If you already have a space heater, no need to worry. You can exchange it for a less energy intensive option (like an electric heating pad) by emailing [email protected]. UVA strives to reduce energy consumption by 20% by 2030 across its entire building portfolio, so we appreciate everyone’s help in achieving this goal!

Plastic Water Bottles
UVA also does not allow single-use plastics on Grounds to do our part to end the proliferation of plastics and align with our waste reduction goals. Purchasers can find aluminum water bottles for sale on the UVA Marketplace.

Single-Use Plastic Service Wares
In addition to plastic water bottles, single-use plastic service wares (utensils, straws, cups, plates, etc.) may not be purchased with UVA funds. Single-use plastics can be replaced with BPI-certified compostable materials, which can also be found on the UVA Marketplace. By avoiding both plastic water bottles and plastic service wares, along with other single-use plastic items, you can do your part to make UVA a more sustainable place.


Thanks for helping us a achieve a more sustainable Grounds. In the meantime, we hope to see you at the Reuse store or ROSE soon!



Julianne is a 4th-year student at UVA studying Global Sustainability (B.A.) & Political, Philosophy, Policy, and Law (B.A.) as well as minoring in French. She works at UVA’s Office for Sustainability as a member of the Outreach team and is pursuing a career in environmental law.